Riverside Law has vast experience in patent application drafting and patent prosecution in a wide range of technology areas. We work closely with clients to develop strategies for both U.S. and worldwide patent protection. Our patent professionals also provide high quality work on a variety of patent services including invention disclosure reviews, patentability assessments, inventorship determination, appeals, post-grant proceedings, due diligence reviews, and opinions of counsel. Riverside Law is responsible for the maintenance of a variety of large U.S. and foreign patent estates and we have issued numerous opinions regarding patent validity, non-infringement, infringement, design-around and freedom-to-operate.

Our patent professionals have expertise in a wide range of technology areas, including but not limited to:

  • agricultural sciences
  • antibodies
  • artificial intelligence
  • biomedical devices
  • biotechnology
  • business methods
  • cancer therapy
  • cellular immunology
  • chemicals
  • chemistry
  • communications
  • computer sciences
  • consumer goods
  • diagnostics
  • drug delivery
  • electrical engineering
  • imaging technology
  • immunology
  • implantable devices
  • information technology
  • life sciences
  • machine learning
  • materials science
  • mechanical devices
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical devices
  • medical diagnostics
  • medicinal chemistry
  • microbiology
  • molecular biology
  • molecular genetics
  • nanotechnology
  • neuroscience
  • optics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • physical sciences
  • robotics
  • semiconductors
  • small molecule chemistry
  • software
  • stem cells
  • telecommunications
  • tissue engineering
  • virology

Our patent expertise covers both utility patents and design patent prosecution and strategy. We also regularly provide patent services in the areas of appeal and post-grant proceedings, due diligence reviews, invention disclosure review, inventorship determination, patentability assessment, licensing, opinions of counsel, strategic planning and transaction agreements.

Focused on intellectual property.