Latika Luthra, M.S.

  • B.S. Biomedical Sciences – University of Delhi
  • M.S. Biomedical Sciences – University of Delhi


Latika Luthra is a scientific advisor with a focus in life sciences, biomedical sciences, immunology, and molecular biology. Latika focuses on helping with protecting the intellectual property of clients, including universities, corporations, and small businesses, throughout the United States and internationally.

Prior to joining Riverside Law, Latika worked at Emory University’s Office of Technology Transfer where she analyzed the scientific, market, and patent potential of inventions, prepared technology marketing material, identified potential licensees, and marketed early-stage technologies to existing companies or new startup management. Latika also served as an academic liaison with Georgia Bio and Georgia State University where she conducted seminars and sessions involving students and faculty, informing them about opportunities in life sciences outside academia.

Latika will earn her Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from Georgia State University, Institute for Biomedical Sciences in 2022. Her graduate work focuses on deciphering the role of Notch-1 protein in wound healing in ulcerative colitis. Notch-1 is now known to be an excellent therapeutic target in inflammatory bowel disease. She has co-authored many peer-reviewed publications during her Ph.D.

Latika received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in biomedical sciences from University of Delhi, India.

Focused on intellectual property.